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Important Information; Please Pay Close Attention

If you are a Veteran who receives health care from the VA, or does not receive any health care from the VA, The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is authorized to release your private information without your personal authorization. This privacy policy statement was released on September 9, 2019 from the Department of Veterans Affairs:

"This hereby notifies you, that as a United States Veteran, to whom and specifically, what, information can be released without your authorization." (I myself, believe that strongly warrants your attention.)

Like many rulings and laws, there are both positive and negative aspects. You have the option, to declare what types of information you authorize to be released, as necessar, or you may choose to have absolutely no information authorized for inclusion. For example: We all would want emergency care (ERs) to have access to our medical records. Thus, you would not want to opt-out of this select causation.

Most of us, probably do not want ( At least, I do not want) to release my private information to any third party. Such information may be considered in determining a Veteran's credit rating, insurance premiums, access to housing, banking services and common utilities. Please bear in mind, these third party releases, have nothing at all to do with your health care needs. There are other sources from which third parties may seek the information that they specifically require. You have a choice to allow un-authorized use of your records, or not. You can filter those choices based upon your own personal situation. This can be done by virtue of the internet, or in person, at your local VA establishment. Personally, I would recommend going to the local VA office, and speaking with an employed representative, to be certain that your wishes on the matter are properly communicated. This conversation will be documented, and possibly audibly recorded. If you make no response to: the "notice of Privacy Practices" it is implied that you authorize all requests by those desiring your private information.

No response from you, is your authorization to release such information to those you may not want it released to.

Semper Fi
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