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Is any type of discrimination against Disabled Veterans lawful?

August 17, 2018

If you have a Service Connected Disability, please make certain you are treated fairly and share this information with another Veteran who may need it.

Have you ever been asked a question, the answer to which seems to be simple and clear, only to find out that a large and confusing "can of worms" has been opened?

Recently, I responded to a post on Rally Point by a Disabled and Retired Veteran, regarding specific laws in place to address the issues of abuse and discrimination of Disabled Veterans. The Vet (who wishes to remain anonymous) and myself struck up a friendly e-mail conversation. We determined that in order to discuss the matter fully, we should speak by phone. Such an appointment was made, and the conversation ensued for well over an hour's time.

Following are some circumstances and incidents that The Veteran has observed or experienced:

  • When interviewing for employment, the PO3 found the verbal tone of the interviewer to be belittling and on the borderline of hostile.

  • After interviewing, and while still on premises, the Vet overheard derogatory comments regarding DAVs, and actually observed employment applications from Veterans being tossed into the trash.

  • The Veteran contacted a Congresswoman, learned of Veterans' Preference policies, and was told, in no uncertain terms, that these policies benefitted the Federal Government, and not the Veteran, necessarily.

  • It was also reported that DAVs are often "under-employed" or their skills under-utilized; producing menial employment for which the Vet is highly over-qualified.

  • Conversely, a buddy system seemed to be in play. DAVs with friends in high places, were hired without merit, and heavily compensated. An investigation was initiated in 2013 to address the swindling and over-payment.

  • DAVs are often over-charged and taken advantage of by businesses, because of their guaranteed income. Auto dealers, household improvement and repair, landscaping; you name it. During a period of "Economic Stimulus", the Veteran observed this practice often and even experienced it.

  • Fraud by employers: There are Veterans with a 100% Disability Rating, without appropriate medical evidence, who are awarded generous salaries, and are working daily. (Isn't it nice to get paid twice?) Several (that are known to the Veteran I was conversing with) have been covertly surveilled doing such, and had their employment terminated; while DAVs with only a 40% rating were not even considered for the same employment, although qualified.

  • DAVs with under-treated PTSD are much more routinely disciplined in the workplace for the least display of any symptom, than civilian employees committing similar offenses.

Many other examples were cited during this protracted conversation. I agreed to do a little homework on the matter. The simple answer to the Veteran's initial question, is YES. There are such laws in place.

You may have no concern regarding these issues at all. Please allow me to share the following resource if you do.

This website addresses in depth:

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The Rehabilitation Act
  • The Workforce Investment Act
  • The Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act
  • The Civil Service Reform Act

    If you have a Service Connected Disability, but are still able to work, please make certain you are treated fairly. If you are not able to work, please share this information with another Veteran who may need it.

    Harriet Nix, MFA
    Chief Editor,

    Federal Laws Protecting the Disabled
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