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About Us

U.S. Military Veterans helping other Veterans is a small group of individuals dedicated to this task

We are proud that our Patriots joined the Military in faithful service to our great nation. We all did so with the knowledge that in combat, we are expendable. We have aptly been trained to do what does not come naturally. When one of us goes into battle, that individual may not come back the same, if at all. War has physical and mental consequences.

Most all of us have been subject to the rigors of the VA system, and witnessed practices that did not seem to be correctly administered. However, this is not our area of expertise, so we are told. Although, we do have the freedom to shine spotlights on flaws in the VA system and have them amended; or so we thought.

The truth is, our efforts were ignored. Another sad truth is that the politician's decisions are guided by the CBO Office rather than by what is in the best interest of people like ourselves. At, we are tirelessly pushing for update and change; and we will be successful.

The timing is fortunate because President Trump and Vice President Pence are men of action. They will do what is the just and right thing. Our mission is to keep them aware of where changes need to be made. Many conditions have remained untouched for over 50 years.

Current example: The Bill for Blue Water Veterans, HR299, went for 43 years or more, sitting in Committees, while Veterans impacted by Agent Orange were dying daily. Now, it has passed Congress with a vote of 382 to 0. What took so long? What did the Senate Committee of Veteran's Affairs do? They added a housing plan that has nothing to do with the Blue Water Veterans, just because they felt compelled to add on something more politically appealing.

This is our job. We wish to keep all Bills affecting U.S. Veterans clean of any non-pertinent added provisions. We have accepted this duty when not asked to, nor our observations requested. Our commitment is to work on behalf of ALL Veterans.

Semper Fi
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